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Get out of the box, get out of the office

People talk a lot in the business world about ‘getting out of the box’ to solve problems creatively or see things from a different perspective. There are big advantages in getting out of the box, especially if it leads to new ways of doing business. But what does ‘out of the box’ really mean to the decision makers who use the term and initiate ways to make it happen? Attempts to think ‘out of the box’ often take place in the same old box where everything else happens – the office. If not your office, another office down the road or in another city. Seminar rooms in most hotels, with thei
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What do I need from this group?

I am part of a volunteer group working on sustainability issues, interested in supporting the city of Sydney’s 2030 plan. We were reviewing a list of our own behaviour preferences for working together as a group – our preferred ‘culture’. We had finished with a reasonable list. It had things like ‘mutual respect’, punctuality etc etc. We were all nodding and about to move on to other issues when a new bloke asked a simple question: “Do any of these items really excite you, personally?” I looked at the list. None of them did. What a great question. Then he sa
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In praise of slow work

The ‘slow food’ movement is a healthy reaction to modern patterns of food production and consumption. Its philosophy asserts a right to pleasure, as well as acknowledging the connections between ‘plate and planet’. While there are benefits where production processes can be standardized, fragmented and sped up, the human losses are subtle, even invisible.
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New horizon for library leaders

The inaugural CAVAL Horizon Executive Library Leadership 2008/09 program attracted senior library professionals from six Australian states and the north island of New Zealand. Participants came from national, state, university and government libraries. The program consisted of two face-to face residential workshops, four tele-workshops, and the use of online discussion and social networking media. Exposure to and dialogue with up to 12 practicing library and business leaders throughout the program was a vital ingredient. It made leadership real. At the end of the program: 90 per cent of partic
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Green collar students

Green Collar in Australia – A Student Perspective By Ian Colley This report explores student perspectives on ‘green collar’ careers, aiming to gauge the level of understanding and excitement among young Australians about careers with a sustainable focus. This research was based on a series of focus groups conducted among secondary school students in seven government and non government schools. The paper was written for the Dusseldorp Skills Forum. For more information about ‘Green Collar’ activities and research, visit the Dusseldorp Skills Forum web site.
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Running talus: the dynamic overcomes the static

Talus is the frost shattered rock that always lies at the base of every mountain, between the trail and the peak. Getting around on it is hell. Until you develop the experience to know that moving slowly and carefully is a lot harder than moving fast. To move faster requires full attention, 100 per cent focus and confidence.
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The toasters

Several years ago, Chia and I ran a six month business development program for a group of contract managers scattered throughout the north island of New Zealand. Running service contracts for steel mills, telecommunications providers, property developers and local councils, these managers were practical no-nonsense people. We gathered in Wellington, the home base of the multinational company for whom they worked. Scoping projects and setting up the parameters for the program, took up most of the first day, which was spent in the office. The following day we had a arranged a secret location.
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The power of a good idea

Right idea, right time, right place – the power of networks In September, 2001 Bruce Thomson and Ian Colley, made a simple suggestion at a Tourism Workshop of “station stay” operators in far West NSW: Why not join together? That suggestion gave birth to Outback Beds, a multi award winning tourism network. Winner – State & Regional Development Business Enterprise Award, 2005 Winner – Inland NSW Tourism Awards 2006 – Destination and Product Marketing Visit Outback Beds Website
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“I love meetings”

“I love meetings” said my then 14 year old daughter, coming home from her first Youth Council. I was shocked. I go to too many meetings. Meetings where time is wasted, energy is low, the same old stuff gets hashed over. I had forgotten something really important. Groups are powerful. They grant recognition and belonging. They are are a rich source of ideas. They create new things.
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