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Our experienced consultants offer training and learning opportunities to develop real skills – through group workshops and one-on-one coaching. We have years of experience in training, including as lead training consultants for the University of Technology, Sydney where we also teach others how to train.

We teach people how to manage tough conversations, juggle competing priorities, and develop robust approaches for harnessing difference.

The core skills we focus on are:


Leadership is about taking a stand, being proactive. It is about asserting something authentic in the service of a significant goal. It can happen from anywhere and everywhere. We teach leaders to stand up and stand out.


Good teamwork is grounded in having the courage and skill to give and receive feedback. It is about managing fierce conversations, and harnessing the power of difference.
Results flourish where structures, skills and systems support effective collaboration. We call it building the muscles for collaboration, from the ground up and the top down.


The capacity to work effectively in a group or team, is a fundamental skill for this era. It usually involves facilitation of one kind or another – meetings, project management, business partnerships. We’ve developed a rich repertoire of processes to teach and share.

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We help people turn creative ideas into innovation that produces better products, services and human interaction. We notice what attracts the most energy, tension, emotion and invite people to move out of habitual patterns and spaces to see things with fresh eyes.


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