Short Workshops



Spend two hours making stuff happen for your organisation

If you would like an introduction to our work, let us come and run a workshop for your team. We promise a high energy, high impact experience.

Choose from the following short workshops:

Conversations for Performance – a short workshop on conducting feedback conversations, how to give (and just as importantly) receive feedback on performance. The Great Australian non-conversation.

Managing your time, managing yourself – a short workshop on time management. Meet Randy Pausch, think about your long term goals, practice Covey’s Quadrant II.

High ropes for the mind – Using improvisation techniques in groups to stimulate engagement and creativity.

Fresh eyes on innovation and creativity – Creative thinking, innovation and problem solving in organisations.

Meetings that work – Tools and processes for effective meetings.

Harnessing difference – navigating differences in thinking and perspective can be challenging; harnessing difference can lift an idea, a team, or a whole business to a new level.

Doing conflict – Building norms for healthy approaches to difference and conflict.

Language: Dead or alive – turn jargon and business babble into language that brings people alive. Make more sense to more people, be direct, see instant results. Creating organisational poetry.

Networking – It’s not just schmoozing, it’s about building momentum.

Communicating your story – narrative, authenticity and visual richness – all part of successful corporate ‘storytelling’ in the 21st century.

Listening and leadership – An introduction to Otto Scharmer’s Theory U