Consulting on Change

Our consultants have helped business, government and not-for-profit organisations design and implement solutions to complex and challenging problems. Increasingly the critical arena for attention is about partnerships and collaborations.


From business planning to town planning, we have helped bring diverse stakeholder views together to identify issues and forge creative solutions. Sometimes there is a need for internal cohesion and getting key parts of an operation working together. More and more, it is about understanding and engaging with people across organisations and the community to work together effectively.


We specialise in group processes, using a wide repertoire of tools for dialogue and creative interaction. We are experienced catalysts of change and learning.
We believe in bringing people on board at the earliest stage to share in the thinking and planning that will create the future. This can happen in any number of ways. We can springboard seminal discussions from culture surveys or planning sessions, interviewing customers, training or field trips, face-to-face or online.

Solving the problem

One of the key issues we see is that people jump to solutions before they have accurately defined the problem. Because people tend to see things only from their own point of view, we have developed a suite of strategies for expanding the horizons of all stakeholders.
These processes allow people to question assumptions, bring new ideas to surface, and recognise emerging needs or needs that are not fully articulated. We put unlikely things together and see new connections and new patterns.


We test out what’s likely to work, changing gears if needed, building prototypes, and consistently checking feedback for workability.

Program design, implementation & evaluation

Our consultants run processes that stimulate insight and recommend actions that improve organisational performance. We focus on “stickiness”: how to build the measures and culture that will make change stick. Our people have:

  • Held senior positions in leading corporate and public sector organisations
  • Consulted at senior levels of government on planning and implementation
  • Designed and facilitated private and public change strategies

Change is about Learning