Reports and Research

Creating Learning Networks

A Guidebook for creating rural learning networks Ian Colley, Bruce Thomson and Monica Redden This project developed a Guidebook for creating and sustaining rural skill networks. It involved extensive discussions with primary producers, farmers, extension officers and people involved in regional business development networks. The main focus was on developing strategic management skills through group activities among p
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Green collar students

Green Collar in Australia – A Student Perspective By Ian Colley This report explores student perspectives on ‘green collar’ careers, aiming to gauge the level of understanding and excitement among young Australians about careers with a sustainable focus. This research was based on a series of focus groups conducted among secondary school students in seven government and non government schools. The p
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Business Management

Business management needs in the Nursery and Garden Industry This study revealed that business managers rated themselves as comparatively weak in strategic planning and flexibility. Less than half of the businesses had a written business plan, relatively poor at creating a clear marketing edge and comparatively poor on core financial skills including cost identification and tracking. The study concluded that there is
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