Community and Learning

Managing Oneself – Lessons in and from facilitation

Managing oneself might be the greatest challenge in facilitation (and the most interesting opportunity for personal and professional growth).   When things go wrong it is never easy.  A woman in my training class, who had a persistent stance of opposition and bewilderment, commented that a good trainer should be able to pitch to the lowest skill level in the class. It was an attack and an invitation. The comment
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Duck River Revival

The Duck River is a tributary of the Parramatta River. A century of heavy industrial activity, often unregulated, has left its mark. Soil contamination, toxic waste, sediment build-up, storm-water sewerage and habitat destruction, have combined to put an intolerable pressure on river health in the past and have produced complex challenges to be solved in the present and future. Parramatta and Auburn City Councils rec
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