Opportunities – workshops and courses

Workshops, events and courses coming up in 2018:

Upcoming courses: Facilitation Essentials (one day course), Sydney

Friday, March 9
Tuesday, May 22,
Wednesday, July 4
Thursday,Sep 13
Wednesday, Nov 21

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Strategic Planning

All too often strategic plans end up being no better than a wish list for workers and organisations. Effective strategic planning includes a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and an identification of the most powerful interventions an organisation can make. We help organisations align their operations. Good alignment = more energy, sustained focus on core business, dumping what doesn’t work, doing what will work to improve performance.
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Longer Workshops

1. Leadership in tough times This workshop may be three to eight days, depending on the topics selected. Themes include: Generating collaboration – facilitation skills for leadership Listening for leadership Improvisation – creativity, spontaneity and strategy Doing change Harnessing difference – conflict and diversity 2. Leading groups – basic facilitation skills Things every senior manager needs to know Is your common experience of meetings boredom and time wasting? Do you and your colleagues often seem to work at cross-purposes? We can help you make your time count: leading dynamic di
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