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Toughing out the touchie-feelies

From time to time I encounter people who characterise what I do as ‘touchy-feely’ – often without having any direct experience of what I actually do. This has caused me to reflect on the issues raised by the use of this and similar phrases. The key issue is power. Touchy-feely is a derisive term which I suspect is linked to gender, and is code for “don’t be such a girl.” (I wonder if male facilitators encounter this as often as female ones?) Chambers dictionary definition: “involving emotion and personal contact as distinct from intellectual activity.”
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Teaching Theory U

I was trying to explain Otto Scharmer’s Theory U to a workshop group. It is heady stuff, and I was making it hard going. One table of participants, though polite, were bored and frustrated. I gave them an exercise on ‘listening’ to explore Scharmer’s ideas (open mind, open heart, open will). My colleague Chia sat with the group. Suddenly one of the participants exclaimed in astonishment at her own realisation: “Oh no… I NEVER listen!” I wish us all such revelation. Wishing the future Theory U talks about responding to an ’emerging future’. I didn’
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Distributed leadership

In many workshops I manage, someone will come up and say: “the problem with this organisation is that the executives never listen. They don’t have a clue (or don’t care) what happens on the front line.” This complaint is neither new nor surprising. Front line staff have little experience of the the difficult decisions confronting senior staff.
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Community Consultation

We see the consultation process as part of an ongoing dialogue between the government, the community and key stakeholders. From the beginning to the end, we communicate with everyone who has a stake in the outcome to make sure the strategy fits the situation and the audience it is aimed at. Our approach is to make the engagement process accessible and attractive using a variety of tools and approaches.
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Change Management

From the executive to frontline staff the ability to change is the one constant of survival and success. We facilitate effective meetings, workshops, communications and events that make a difference to people’s ability to embrace and explore change. Smart, effective and engaging communication can make or break every kind of organisational change initiative. We help people work out: What to do How to do it How to keep it up How to bring people with you
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Learning and Development

We develop practical skills through a tailored approach, based on design principles that work. We create an environment for discovery rather than teaching. Besides a broad range of technical skills we are really good at: Stakeholder analysis and management Leadership development programs Business planning Facilitation from the front line to the boardroom
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Business Management

Business management needs in the Nursery and Garden Industry This study revealed that business managers rated themselves as comparatively weak in strategic planning and flexibility. Less than half of the businesses had a written business plan, relatively poor at creating a clear marketing edge and comparatively poor on core financial skills including cost identification and tracking. The study concluded that there is room for a fresh approach to encouraging the development of management skills. There is great potential for industry associations to play a strong role as catalysts, facilitators
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In praise of generalists

Our era favours specialists. Knowledge has never been so deep nor so divided. I sometimes have to defend my habit as a generalist, someone who moves across dozens of organisations, hosting conversations about many different subject areas – law, social justice, business organisation, planning, education. A facilitator has no country, often operating without a base in a specific subject discipline.
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Communicating well

Who needs another boring report? Or PowerPoint presentations with ten bullet points per slide. When times get tough and uncertainty reigns, people want connection, something that reflects their experience or that of their colleagues or community. Connecting people, telling their stories, using the right medium for the message – that’s the challenge in times of change.
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