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Independent Facilitators

At make stuff happen our 10,000 hours of facilitation experience can help you make the most of your time and people. So why use a facilitator? Why? At key times you can exponentially increase the value of a meeting by bringing in an external facilitator who… has specialist experience and specific skills in designing and running meetings to achieve results is ‘neutral’ (no hidden agenda) which allows them to build consensus between different perspectives can pick up on emerging thinking or “weak signals” and ask the right questions will free up everyone to fully participate without having to ma
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Kitchen table technology

I enjoy new technology, but am not an early adopter. I get excited looking at new netbooks, then always feel disappointed once I buy something. The dream outpaces the reality. Yet Web 2.0 applications have turned out more valuable than I had imagined. Many are practical, simple and cheap (or free). The two I use most are wikis and online surveys. Online surveys give you a quick and accurate access to people’s opinions on all sorts of topics. They can be used to measure satisfaction, gather perspectives and views on issues, even to follow up on workshops and training. They are a great mar
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Duck River Revival

The Duck River is a tributary of the Parramatta River. A century of heavy industrial activity, often unregulated, has left its mark. Soil contamination, toxic waste, sediment build-up, storm-water sewerage and habitat destruction, have combined to put an intolerable pressure on river health in the past and have produced complex challenges to be solved in the present and future. Parramatta and Auburn City Councils received a NSW Environmental Trust – Urban Sustainability Program grant in 2006. Called A Model for Industrial Sustainability in the Duck River Catchment, the grant has enabled the tw
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Be Human

Organisations are made up of people. Human, embodied, physical, spirited, flawed beings, who are often exhorted to be efficient (machines), professional (unfeeling), endorse corporate standards (don’t think for yourself) AND be innovative, responsive and forward looking. When you bring people fully into the workplace with all their passion you start to build the balance sheet on the innovation side. The way people work becomes more energetic and collaborative.
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Catalysts for Capital

They came from Bega, Bombala, Pambula, Tathra, Cooma, Queanbeyan and Canberra. Eight workshops over eight months in six regional locations. Fourteen business and community leaders throughout the Capital Region of NSW and the ACT, celebrated the end of the Leaders 4 Capital regional development program in Canberra on Saturday 27 June. Sponsored by the Capital Regional Development Board and a range of local shires, the program aimed to build a network of confident, collaborative and forward-thinking leaders who could help their local towns and communities thrive into the future. Chia Moan and Ia
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Learning to lead

When Tony Burke became the new Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in 2007, he was in for a surprise. Sitting down with his Department Heads to review selection committee recommendations for the next round of appointments to advisory boards, he was shocked to discover that 90 per cent of nominees were male. “How one earth can this be merit?” he said. “How on earth, if we’re basing decisions on merit, can we have committees that keep recommending that merit somehow uniquely resides in blokes?” He didn’t introduce quotas to increase the number of women. He didn’t make a fuss. He cha
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Windows on pain

Windows on Pain is an art exhibition like no other. Sponsored by the Pain Management Research Institute, it features the work of 30 emerging and established artists, who have used different media – painting, sculpture and installation – to depict the stories they each heard from people living with chronic pain. make stuff happen director, Chia Moan, not only designed the exhibition but is a contributing artist. Chia’s arresting portrait called Shrinking World, depicts an Alice in Wonderland figure curled up in a confined space with a mask in her hand. The painting alludes to
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Anyone who has ever worked in a large multinational or government bureaucracy may appreciate this quote from EF Schumacher: “The most striking thing about modern industry is that it requires so much and accomplishes so little. Modern industry seems to be inefficient to a degree that surpasses one’s ordinary powers of imagination. Its inefficiency therefore remains unnoticed.”
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Dead or Alive?

Don Watson called them ‘weasel words’. We use them everyday to impress, fit in, bamboozle, or show how damn clever we are. They’re inescapable; but are they inevitable? Are you willing to let go of your ‘capabilities’ and your ‘empowered workforce’; your ‘stakeholders’ and your ‘benchmarks’? Probably not. And why should you? They serve a purpose – to help you communicate with people like you. But what about when you need to think and act differently? When you need to connect with new audiences or generations?
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