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Upcoming courses: Facilitation Essentials (one day course), Sydney

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The Gospel according to Mark – grounded questions

“Human beings are both full of dignity and broken.” My ears pricked up. I am not accustomed in everyday conversation to an acknowledgement of human complexity, and especially, of the darkness in us. I was listening to a presentation by Dr Mark Strom at the Sydney Facilitators Network. Mark is an Australian, residing in the UK, with a history in senior consulting and change roles, including as CEO of an NZ private college network. He had started the night’s session with a great question “what puzzles you in your work?”. It was a clever question, taking us to the edge of our current practice, th
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Solutions Focus

I stood and up and invited my colleague to walk out of the room. She looked surprised and a bit anxious, but complied. We were practicing a role play on solutions-focused coaching in a workshop run by UK consultants Paul Jackson and Janine Waldman. I was determined to shift things, break up the fussiness of the conversation, and happy to try something different. We walked in circles outside the training room. Then my coachee drew to a halt, she needed to stop and think. The walk wasn’t helping. Which forced me to confront the more fundamental issue, what I was really thinking was “uh oh, this
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Facilitation Training

Facilitation Training Upcoming courses: Facilitation Essentials (one day course), Sydney 2017 dates:  Wednesday February 15th,  Wednesday April 5th,  Wednesday June 14th,  Tuesday August 15th,  Tuesday October 10th. Book here or Email me for details. More information here: F2F Flyer 4 page Dec 2015 Experiential, Facilitative, Work-focussed Our approach to training in facilitation designed to model and mirror effective facilitation. The training uses careful and sensitive questioning, with a sharp focus on listening skills, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of participants. We provide info
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Design thinking approach to business models

I was impressed by a new way of thinking about business design this this weekend.  We were working with a talented nineteen year old musician and producer, who had invented an audio program using movement to shape music. It could be used to enhance concert events, dance parties, DJ programs. Jack wrote the program for a university course, and his friends were wowed by the results. He was interested in whether it was a concept that had commercial potential. So a group of us sat down with a template chart from Alex Osterwalder’s “Business Model Generation”  (the “Business Model Canvas” ) which f
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Small is Beautiful

Our work with small businesses across the Duck River industrial precincts west of Sydney, has taught us that many small businesses are way ahead of governments in their sustainability thinking and appetite for immediate action. Small is beautiful, and it can often seed something big. We came across the following example of this during our research for the Streamline program. It is a great example of something that started out small, becoming bigger over time, and having a positive environmental impact over a large region. Comprising 22 municipalities and located on the Gulf of Bothnia, about 3
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Hunter on the prowl for National Broadband Network

The Hunter is on the prowl. By taking the lead in developing a skills strategy, the region is unique in its efforts to engage with the NBN and make the most of the largest infrastructure project since the Snowy Mountains Scheme. More than double the number of expected participants attended the meeting to identify the skills needed and opportunities related to the rollout of the NBN. By bringing together more than 60 key players the groundwork for a collaborative strategy is being laid. There was a definite buzz of excitement in the air at the meeting, facilitated by Chia Moan of make stuff hap
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Duck River Idols

In September 2009, make stuff happen won the job to create a business network that could support the sustainability efforts of small and medium sized businesses across the lower Duck River industrial precincts that straddle Parramatta and Auburn City Councils in western Sydney. Small and medium sized businesses were perceived to be lacking the support larger businesses could attract through other government or industry programs. Streamline Business was a voluntary program and participation was free to local businesses. The year-long program included monthly short, sharp seminars hosted by loca
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Models for collaboration

Do we have models for 21st century collaboration. In the internet age, are we doing it differently? I recently attended a seminar organised by the Australian Centre for Social Innovation. It featured Tonya Surman, founding executive director of the Centre for Social Innovation, based in Toronto. She offered a simple model that captured something I had been struggling with. For collaborative activity across a number of organisations, how do you combine loose, self-affiliating, interest groups with ‘just-enough structure’ to provide coherence and support. We have all had experience with collabor
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Simple frames for deeper conversations

I helped facilitate a community conversation on sustainable communities last week. It was in a cafe at night. The process was a light touch combination of world cafe and Theory U. World cafe puts different questions on different tables, allows people to choose their topic, then rotate to another topic and a new table group. It is very interactive, and encourages warm networking among strangers. The piece from Theory U that was valuable was a simple way of framing the context for the discussion. The first round was pretty ‘heady’ stuff, lots of ideas and activity. For the second rou
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